The Hoboken Garden Club has been in existence since 2000. You do not have to live in Hoboken to become a member, in fact many of our members come from surrounding towns.

Our mission is to encourage interest in home gardening, provide educational activities, promote civic beatification, conserve natural resources in an urban environment and to encourage participation in local and statewide garden related activities.

The Petunia Integrifolia is the unofficial flower of the Hoboken Garden Club. This hardy harbinger of success against all odds can be found popping up all over Hoboken, even in cracks in the street! It symbolizes the challenges, trials and success experienced by gardeners who dare to garden in the city. HGC members plant gardens in backyards, window boxes, stoop containers and even on fire escapes. Some of our members also have gardens at the Jersey Shore and in the Mountains which present other challenges like deer and small vegetable-eating animals.

To provide inspiration and encouragement to our members the Club offers a variety of events and activities which include a lecture series, plant swaps, field trips, nursery visits, and workshops.

If you are not a member, we encourage you to click on the JOIN button which gives you details about how to become a member and take part in the myriad events and activities of The Hoboken Garden Club. 

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We hope to see you at an HGC gardening event!!

The Hoboken Garden Club Executive Committee