Upcoming Events

Please check the Calendar and Bulletin Board for upcoming events.


Full details of each event will be posted on the Bulletin Board and Calendar as soon as they are available.


Bird and Butterfly Friendly Gardens, Tuesday, March 19

Don Torino, president of the Bergen County Audubon Society, will discuss how to make our urban gardens more attractive to birds and butterflies.

Garden Club member Lynn Hamill has already turned her Hoboken garden into a Certified Wildlife Habitat and will talk about her experience and show us some of the rewards of this approach to gardening.


Annual Meeting, Sunday, April 14

Garden Club Herb Workshop at Hoboken Public Library, Thursday, April 18


Spring Plant Swap, Thursday, May 16

Field Trip to Peony's Envy, Sunday, May 26


Secret Garden Tour, Sunday, June 2

Field Trip to Grounds for Sculpture, Sunday, June 23


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